Cole Farrell



Cole Farrell

My name is Cole Farrell. I live in Indianapolis with my partner Aric and, eventually, an adorable rescue dog.

I am a queer writer who is drawn to stories about community and belonging. I’m interested in margins and liminal spaces, and I like to poke at assumptions about who gets included and who gets left out. I believe in fighting for the respect and dignity of all people. In that fight, I think words are as good a weapon as any other.

Though I like to think of myself as unique, I wrestle with many of the same demons as other creative people. I can be anxious, bossy, and self-critical. Writing is often my way out of those things.

I’m enthusiastic about musical theater, a passion I’ve been exploring deeply for the first time in my life. I also love writing by hand, collecting Broadway cast albums on vinyl, and hanging out in an ENO hammock for hours on end.

I owe a tremendous debt to the graduate creative writing program at Ball State University, especially Deborah Mix and Jill Christman, for making me less afraid of the world, and for teaching me how to dig at the space between critical and creative writing.

Feel free to reach out and say hello, see what I’m up to these days, or take a look at some of the work I’ve published elsewhere.